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Document  Manager

Developed for TFS Financial Services

Job Description

Empirisoft  managed & developed a Windows software package for Gowdie Financial Planning. Following Gowdie's merger with TFS Financial Services this software is now operated by TFS.

The software provides a mechanism for listed security trades to be facilitated according to the trading model in a managed, centralised fashion with full auditing and action history tracking.

Work Completed

  • Project Management on behalf of Wild Lime Media.
  • Development of Windows (WPF) client interface.
  • Application uses intuitive Ribbon Interface as seen in Office 2007.
  • SOAP web service used for data access for maximum modularity and extensibility.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database.


  • Trading Software prepared to client specification, to quoted budget and on time.
  • All required functionality as described in proposal and commencement meeting delivered.

Links & Additional Information

Unfortunately at this time the software is not available for public demonstration due to sensitivity of commercial data.

For more information on this project please contact us directly.