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Tully Cane Consortium

Job Description

Empirisoft to manage & develop a Harvest Planning website for use by cane growers in the Tully Region.

This website provides a sophisticated planning aid for growers to optimise their harvest's quality.

Work Completed

  • Project Management on behalf of Wild Lime Media.
  • Liaison and consultation with CSIRO scientists regarding CCS statistical analysis.
  • Development and implementation non-linear algorithm to rapidly produce cane-quality optimised Harvest Plans.
  • Website Database development.
  • Development of SOAP Web Services for exchange of data with TSL databases.
  • Development of intuitive, user-friendly Harvest Planning & Optimisation web control.

Note that the project did not involve a Website Design element. It was requested that templates from the existing TSL website were used to provide a cohesive environment for users.


  • Harvest Planning Website prepared to client specification, to quoted budget and on time.
  • All required functionality as described in proposal and commencement meeting delivered.

Links & Additional Information

Unfortunately at this time the website is not available for public viewing due to sensitivity of commercial canegrower harvest data.

For more information on this project please contact us directly.