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Providing affordable hosting services to Australian businesses hostonlime can cater to your online needs. Offering the best in technical support for your dollar, Hostonlime tailors hosting technology to best promote your business.

Reliability and Stability, hostonline ensures your web site and email services are continuously in working order offering business grade hosting services with a 99.9% uptime.

Our new hosting packages will ensure your business stays one step ahead of the competition.

SOHO Website Hosting (startups, limited capital, work from home etc)

  • $220/year + $55 setup fee
  • 2Gb traffic/month SOHO
  • 2Gb storage
  • 5 email addresses
  • Includes 1 Hour support per year for chargeable items.

Business Website Hosting (Most quotes)

  • $350/year + $55 setup fee
  • 10Gb traffic/month
  • 5Gb storage
  • 10 email addresses
  • Includes 90 minutes support per year for chargeable items.

Corporate Website Hosting (IWTF, ADIA etc, priority support)

  • $550/year + $55 setup fee
  • 30Gb traffic/month
  • 10Gb storage
  • 20 email addresses
  • Includes 2 Hours support per year for chargeable items.

Enterprise Website Hosting

  • $750/year + $55 setup fee
  • 50Gb traffic/month
  • 20Gb storage
  • 40 email addresses
  • Includes 2 Hours support per year for chargeable items.

Please note:

Chargeable items are configuration assistance where no fault with Empirisoft's service provision.

Traffic in excess billed month of excess at the difference for that month for the appropriate plan for their usage (plan upscales for the excess month).

Traffic beyond 15Gb billed at $2 per Gb unless covered under separate bulk traffic client arrangement.