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Search   Engine   Optimisation

Studies have proven that top placement in search engines, among other forms of online marketing, provide a more favorable return on investment compared to traditional forms of advertising such as, email marketing, radio commercials and television. Search engine optimization is the ONLY fool proof method to earning a good search engine ranking and get more targeted traffic driven to your website, which in turn result in greater conversion rates and sales.

Natural Search Engine Rankings

Natural Search Engine rankings are rankings that cannot be bought and are ranked according to each search engines algorithms and site content. Search engines rank each site according to its popularity and optimisation techniques. Any subsequent visitors who discover your natural search engine result do so at no cost to you.

Search engine optimisation is a mid to long term service based on many aspects of your website including link popularity, keywords, code structure and other optimization techniques.

To achieve good results on a search engine takes carefully planned time and effort and patience as each search engine has different ranking updates, for instance Google usually updates 3–6 months, Yahoo 2–3 months and MSN monthly.

Once you achieve good rankings, the benefits are amazing, with a noticeable traffic increase to your website. This is when you consider revising your website design and accessibility to maximize each visitor into a potential sale, enquiry or whatever your target goals for your website may be.

"95% of monthly Internet users utilise search engines to find and access websites"