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Although important, quality software isn't just about correctness, usability and value for money. A good solution must be designed from the outset to meet a particular business need - what we refer to as the Business Case.

Project Management Methodology

Our commitment to meeting a genuine Business Case isn't just a local philosophy. It is a core requirement for projects produced under PRINCE2, the internationally recognised standard for software IT Project Management.

PRINCE2 is rapidly becoming the accepted best-practice for the delivery of Software projects of any size, and is the core framework of our operations.

Solution Range

Making use of Microsoft's Visual Studio development suite, we are able to rapidly produce solutions to meet a range of business needs. Whether you need a data-driven website, desktop application or a mobile application for your PDA, we can deliver. The .Net Framework provides us with a common development architecture across almost any platform, for any business requirement.

Our goal is to demonstrate via successful deployments that high-quality software solutions are within the grasp of small and medium sized businesses.

Desktop Applications

Often businesses store their data in basic office documents - Spreadsheets and Word Processor files. This is usually fine at the outset, but operators often develop a need to for accessible and aggregated data.

Off-the-shelf solutions provide a quick solution for these needs, although often they are heavily bloated with functionality that is not required for the business and overly complex with the need to cater to a wide variety of businesses.

A tailored Desktop Application solution provides as much (or as little) functionality as required - you're only buying features you need right now.

As your business grows and your requirements change, you can rest easy knowing that we are always available to review the solution and develop additional functionality. Our standard contracts also make no claim to Intellectual Property - so all source code required to continue development of the project is safely in your hands.

Website Construction

There are a number of players in the website market in Australia - for good reason. A quality website presence is rapidly becoming a de facto business requirement. Simple websites are also one of the easiest Software Development projects to deliver, with limited scope and planning required to succeed.

But a truly dynamic, data-driven working website is another matter altogether. Often a company's website looks the goods but is difficult or expensive to maintain and update, and serves as little more than an online brochure. If you've ever looked at a website and wished yours was as useful and productive, perhaps its time to consider upgrading or extending your web presence.

Mobile Applications

Windows CE and more recently Windows Mobile have extended the .Net Framework into the realm of hand held devices and PDAs. The .Net Framework is a powerful library of common functionality available to Microsoft Developers.

In today's challenging market, many businesses operate in a decentralised fashion with agents operating from multiple locations on site. A Mobile Application helps you keep in touch with progress and helps your staff to more easily report back to base.


Once of the key areas of an established business where there are large gains to be made for relatively little cost is Middleware. Businesses often operate a number of different software packages for a variety of purposes.

Your key business data may be spread across a number of disparate systems. Middleware is the grease that helps bring these different systems together, reducing repeated data entry points and producing an integrated, cohesive reporting framework without a need to discard your existing software investment.