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Website  Design

We'll meet you in an initial informative consultation when we'll explain all of the options, in a language you can understand.

We'll then get down to the serious task of creating your website, from designing the layout and navigation structure through the development of the HTML pages and any necessary functions. This includes graphic design, programming, animation and any specific extras your business needs, such as online forms, bookings or payment processing.

We are committed to working cooperatively with you and your business to create a solution that meets your requirements. We aim to make every site visually appealing, unique and most importantly, functional – simply, "a website that works".

All of our websites are designed to conform to varying browser types and monitor resolutions. They're also very user friendly, easily found in search engines, easily navigated, and they download quickly. We will capture the essence of your business and portray that in your website, ensuring your site is professional and individual in appearance and functionality. Your website will be the highest standard – guaranteed.

Why do you need a website?

There are many reasons you might choose to create a website. Among other things, your website allows you to:

  • provide a better service to your existing and potential client base
  • market nationally and globally 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year
  • provide an economical means to communicate, update and/or collect information
  • provide business-to-business or retail e-commerce
  • generate additional awareness and revenue

We'll explain the range of options that could best suit your needs, helping you to make informed and responsible decisions and enhancing your satisfaction with the outcomes.
We know what a daunting job it can be to develop even a brief for your web developer, let alone developing a site. The following link is designed to assist you with the planning process and to help you focus on what you web site needs to do and how. By the end you should have developed a brief plan on which we can more accurately assess, and quote, your requirements.

(PS: Don't just take our word for it though - please take the time to browse through some of the sites handpicked from our extensive portfolio. If you see an idea or tool you like, just ask us about incorporating a similar concept into your website).


Standard Packages

Basic Website Package - Starting From $1,950.00

  • Consultation with client regarding the goal and design of the web site
  • Custom design based upon above consultation
  • Up to 5 pages of text
  • Enquiry form – includes free response page
  • Provides basis for later upgrades to any of the features offered below
  • Unlimited links to pages within your site or to other sites

The Basic Website Package provides room for information about your company, services, contact form, non-editable images gallery etc. It is what we consider to be a minimum requirement for most small business seeking a web presence. If required, we can provide a quotation on a budget or SOHO package with a lower entry price point. However in our experience the Basic Package best provides for the needs of a new enterprise or a business looking to get started with an online presence.

Additional features offered:

  • Content Management System    AU $750.00 (requires Empirisoft Online CMS Hosting - included with Business and above hosting packages)
  • E-commerce – Online Shop         FROM AU $800.00 (generally requires additional customisations)
  • Event Management                      AU $550.00 (generally requires additional customisations)

Additional Features available with CMS, E-Commerce or Event Management
Note also available stand-alone, contact us for pricing

  • Members Access/Login                       AU $100.00
  • Media Release & Website News         AU $300.00
  • Editable Image Gallery                        AU $450.00
  • Newsletter Facility                               AU $300.00
  • Blogs & Interactive Discussions          AU $300.00


Content Management System - Starting From AU $750.00

If you wish to be able to keep your website up to date yourself, we can offer a Content Management System (CMS). It will allow you to edit and update website content, upload images yourself with relative ease once the site is built.

Image Gallery - Starting From AU $450.00

The content management system will allow you to upload images throughout the website. If you however require a photo gallery that allows you to create individual galleries sort your images by date or event than we can provide an image gallery component.

E-commerce – Online Shop - Starting From AU $800.00 (customisations extra)

Bring your business to the next level with our online shop, our premier e-commerce solution.

With ease of use and product stability it will enable your website to list products and receive orders from your website. Starting at $600.00, Our online store software is fully customisable to meet your particular requirements.

Providing an online shop is a great opportunity to open your business to the public 24/7 and at the same time, expanding your audience and market to the world.

Sample Features Available – we will provide a full quotation based on your specific requirements

  • Site Administration Facility
  • Customer Login
  • Shopping Cart facility
  • Products specials and feature management
  • Shipping Modules
  • Payment Modules (Eway, PayPal, Cheque, Direct Deposit)
  • Optional access to content management system to update your site
  • Detailed website statistics
  • Sales and products statistics